Privacy Policy

Last updated: 21th Mar, 2022

Introduction is dedicated to providing an excellent user experience while ensuring the privacy of all personal information collected during users’ visits to the website. We have designed this privacy policy document to inform you of our data collection, usage, and protection procedures.

Information Collection

We may collect personal and non-personal identifiable information from you, including but not limited to your name, contact details, location, IP address, and demographic data. This information will be collected primarily through registration forms and website analytics software, and any other means you may use to communicate with us.

Use of Information

The information that we collect from you will help us in improving the quality of our services and support. It will also assist in personalizing your browsing experience, our communications with you, and make it more relevant to you. We will not use your data for any purposes other than those explicitly stated herein or agreed upon by you. We will not, for any reason, sell or disclose your information to any third party.

Cookie Policy

Introduction uses cookies and similar technologies to assist us in collecting data to enhance our services’ performance.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer or mobile device when you browse the internet. They improve the browsing experience by remembering your preferences and determine how frequently a particular web page is visited.

Types of Cookies

We use two types of Cookies

  1. Session Cookies: These cookies remain active until your browsing session ends, and the browser window is closed. This type of cookie helps remember your preferences and improves your browsing experience.

  2. Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain active for an extended period and are stored on your computer or mobile device. This type of cookie assists in remembering your preferences, helps analyze website usage, and improves our services.

Why We Use Cookies

We use cookies primarily to track website usage and for analytics purposes. This helps us in improving services’ performance, personalize content and advertisements, and enhance the overall user experience.

How to Manage Cookies?

You can manage and delete cookies by accessing the settings of your browser. However, deleting or disabling cookies may limit the functionality of our website.

Changes to Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy:

We may change our privacy policy and cookie policy at any time, and any such changes will be reflected on our website. We recommend that you periodically check our policies to ensure that you are up to date with any changes.


At 6pedia, we are committed to providing the highest possible standards of privacy protection to our users. We comply with all applicable data protection regulations to ensure that your personal information is secure and confidential. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy and cookie policies through contact[#]